Your Bowen Session

Your session usually lasts between 40-60 minutes.

On your first visit we will discuss your reason for coming in detail, together with a full case history.  This helps me build a complete picture of what is going on for you.


Sometimes old injuries or traumas get forgotten but often these may be the root cause of what you are currently experiencing, so from this I can plan the best course of treatment for you.

All information shared is strictly confidential.

How many sessions?

Everyone's healing ability is unique to them so there are no fixed number of sessions.


Bowen is a process allowing me to assess and re-assess how you respond to treatment both during the session and afterwards so that we can work out the best treatment plan for you.

Sometimes one session with a follow up does the trick, especially for acute conditions.  


Whereas long-term chronic issues often take longer as the body adjusts to the changes it is able to make at any given time and is able to sustain them.

Some people choose to continue with regular sessions, say every 4-6 weeks, or even an annual MOT, for maintenance and or prevention and just because Bowen makes them feel so good.

What to wear

Loose, light comfy clothes such as leggings, track pants or shorts with a t-shirt or vest are the best.

Most moves are performed over clothes but sometimes it may be preferable to work directly on skin, e.g. shoulders or back

Sharing your story

Sharing your story often helps other people find the help they need back to health too, so it is always good to share how beneficial your treatment has been by placing reviews on my Facebook and Google pages.

It also helps us, as practitioners, to share case histories and treatments.  


If I feel your story will help I hope you won't mind if I ask your full permission to do this.


Fees are £50 for initial assessment & treatment

Follow up sessions are £46

Payment can be made by cash or card

Cancellation Policy

If you do need to postpone or cancel an appointment I would appreciate as much notice as possible so the space can be offered to someone else.


PLEASE NOTE:  Cancellations within 24hrs of confirmed appointment may incur the full fee.

Medical Insurance

If you have personal medical insurance, or are covered by a scheme at work, do check your policy as you may be able to claim Bowen Technique sessions as part of your treatment allowance.

If in doubt give your insurer a call.  These are the companies I currently know cover Bowen but I would love to hear of others if they are out there and then I can share this information:



          Westfield Health

          Health Shield Friendly Society