You know how sometimes you feel like spring cleaning the house?  Getting in all the corners, opening the windows and having a thorough declutter?

Well the body sometimes welcomes this too and using naturopathic techniques allows you to both nurture and heal, using specific tools depending on how you feel and what you want to achieve.

Naturopathy enables you to support detoxing whether you're just on a juice fast for a few days or whether you are doing a full blown cleanse to help combat a chronic or progressive illness.


Naturopathic tools are very empowering.


They help give you back responsibility for your own wellbeing, knowing that however you feel there is something in your toolbox you can dip into and use.  This may be something as simple as body brushing to boost your immune system and cleanse the skin, through to enemas and castor oil packing.


I incorporate the appropriate techniques that will support or sustain you within any program we might be working on together.


I wouldn't be without my toolbox.  Shall we start to build yours?