BTAA    BowTech Association Australia
BAUK   Bowen Association UK
DNN     Diploma in Natural Nutrition
McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release
Diploma in Teacher of Meditation
Diploma in Mindfulness
Diploma in Bach Flower & Essences
Reiki Master
Scar Tissue Release treatment


I believe the key to healing starts with taking back

responsibility for our own wellbeing

I've been working within the health & wellbeing industry for over 17 years, qualifying initially as a Natural Nutritionist and continuing to expand my learning in many areas to fully support people undertaking a new direction to improve their health, life and wellness. 


In my search for a hands-on treatment to add to my existing skills I discovered Bowen.* I immediately knew it was the right modality for me to train in and incorporate into my practice, as it mirrored my approach to treat the whole person and not just a presenting condition.

Through walking my talk I have improved my own health, increased my vitality and relieved myself of what used to be very debilitating migraines.  I've completely turned my life around to work for myself, finding the confidence I needed to make changes and live from a place of passion, authenticity and freedom.  I love to share my skills, experiences and knowledge with those who are seeking a better way to health.

My combined skills allow me to work holistically with individual therapies or an integrated combined approach depending on what is right for you :

  •              hands-on with the physical body

  •              Bowen / scar tissue release

  •              helping you to improve your eating style 

  •              incorporate naturopathic techniques

  •              support emotional issues with Bach Flower & essences

  •              teach meditation, mindfulness & empowerment techniques

  •              spiritual teaching

I use my years of experience to listen to, and intuitively work with, what it is you really need each time you attend.  


I see myself as merely the facilitator, a catalyst

allowing you the space you need to heal

*Bowen is a bodywork that I am passionate about, becoming more in awe of its ability to initiate healing in body's that respond to this technique.  It is extremely fulfilling to witness people restore their health, be in relief of pain, release blocked emotions, recover and generally feel well, sometimes after months or years of pain, illness or discomfort.