Clients, sharing in their own words, their positive responses to treatment with Bowen, Nutrition & lifestyle changes.

Lower Back Pain / Migraine

I had suffered with back pain since age 20.  My lower back was very sore most days, increasing during the day. I could not sit without a back support at all and had pain getting in and out of a car. I was beginning to feel that the situation was rather hopeless. 


I had tried many things before: physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture. You name it, I tried it!  Some of those did have partial success, but they took a long time to work and then they only gave short term relief. Since Bowen Therapy, my body seems to fix itself and the results long lasting. 


Denise immediately made me feel comfortable, confident and at ease. And so I began my journey with "Bowen". 


In my first session Denise saw I did not have as much movement in my right leg and suggested that an old running injury  to my hamstring could be the problem. After my treatment Denise showed me a simple exercise to do at home (with handout) and encouraged me to do them daily.


I noticed improvement from that first session and continue to see improvements. I have now had 4 sessions and have become much better. I now only have occasional pain when I know I have done too much lifting,bending or driving. 


I have also noticed that my migraines have improved and I haven't had one yet since starting! 


The Bowen movements are small and you may at first think what can that do? But they seem to be powerful at resetting and healing your body. I usually feel sore in the areas worked on (my hip joints) and also feel quite tired immediately after and the next day. 


Bowen Therapy is such a relief and Denise such a wonderful therapist – so positive, reassuring and kind.   All these attributes combine and my Bowen from Denise has been so worthwhile and I cannot speak too highly of such treatment.

Try it! and your life will be full of hope again.    Rachel G


Sports injury shoulder pain



Fantastic. 5 stars.

Denise is a wonderful, friendly lady who made me feel very welcome and comfortable with my first experience at Bowen therapy. 

I damaged my shoulder 5 years ago, I lost a lot of shoulder mobility which remained unimproved and undiagnosed despite MRI scans and physio, both private and on the NHS.

I also damaged my other shoulder more recently, experiencing a lot of pain when moving my arm in certain directions. 

I had 3 Bowen sessions with Denise after which I now have full range of movement in my shoulder and no pain. 

Absolutely thrilled with the results, would recommend to anyone.     Vicky


I've had a few Bowen treatments from Denise and the results were amazing. Denise is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She made me feel completely at ease, with her calm and caring manner.  Denise explained each step of the treatment as she was doing it. At the end of each treatment I wasn't rushed, Denise would ask how I was feeling and gave me some exercises to do.

I felt so much better both physically and mentally and I can't recommend Denise enough.    Jayne H

Restless leg syndrome

My experience is that of amazement of how out of balance my body was & how quickly it was rectified.  I suffered RLS for over 30yrs - after 1st treatment less agitated, 2nd more relaxed and 3rd a much happier soul.  I could actually sit and watch a program without pain relief and fidgeting!

I feel more balanced with less pain, freer movements / less stiffness in my joints - so glad I took the opportunity to try such a life enhancing technique.  Thank you Denise.           Helen

Dupuytrens Contracture 

I went to see Denise following a second operation on my left little finger for Dupuytrens which after only 6 months had started to rebrand and I was in constant pain.  The skin graft was still a greenish colour and very tight with little or no movement of the finger.  The graft site on my forearm had also not healed well.  When I left the first session I experienced tremendous pain for around an hour, after which something shifted with immediate pain relief which has continued.  I have had another 3 sessions and the graft is now a good healthy colour, the tightness is relaxing so that I have mobility and flexibility in the finger plus the graft site itself is now flat showing no inflammation and continues to heal and fade.  The index finger of my right hand was also affected and this can now be held straight so that I have full use of both my hands.  I am totally amazed at the results in such a short time period.   Denise B

General ill Health

Thank you for today it was very positive and inspiring.  It's great to feel you understand and will help and support my (health) goals.   Julie

I feel calm and grounded.  It was really helpful to speak with you - thank you for your time and wisdom.  Anne

I am feeling so much better and positive with more energy just by making some of the simple changes we discussed, thank you and looking forward to my next session.   HH