Our body never works against us 

Isn't our human body fascinating?  I am constantly overawed by the relationship between form & function and our body's ability to heal or adapt to overcome much of what we throw at it in our busy stressful lives.


Inevitably though there are times when it needs a little help to get it back on track, to bring balance and perform optimally once more.

I offer you an integrated approach to wellness, where you can choose just one service e.g. Bowen for a bad back or frozen shoulder, or where we might combine therapies e.g. Nutrition and Naturopathy for digestive issues, or even Bowen and breathwork for stress.

If you are reading this page then you may be suffering from any of the following and seeking help. I am here to help you start your journey back to health, starting now there is no time like the present to begin positive change




  •    musculoskeletal issues e.g. bad back, frozen shoulder

  •    restrictions e.g. neck, shoulder, arm, knee

  •    all inflammatory disorders e.g. knees, joints, arthritis

  •    sports related injuries

  •    trauma from accidents - both old and recent

  •    pre and post operative care

  •    auto-immune conditions e.g. MS, ME, rheumatoid arthritis

  •    scar tissue restriction, pain or inflammation

  •    allergies, intolerances, asthma, eczema

  •    stress, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed

  •    insomnia or broken sleep, tiredness, low energy, fatigue

  •    systemic issues e.g. digestion, menstrual, hormonal

  •    major gut related illness e.g. IBS, bloating, coeliac, Crohns,


  •    RSI, tennis or golfers elbow

  •    low immunity, repeated coughs, colds etc

  •    infertility, pre-conceptual care

  •    weight management or obesity


   prevention really is better than cure

Looking after yourself with regular therapeutic maintenance helps to keep your mind and body balanced, give your body what it needs at varying stages of life, as well as keeping you physically aligned, preventing injury.

   don't wait to feel unwell

start to take care of YOU now