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February 20, 2018

January 8, 2018

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April 16, 2018

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Pain free in 3 sessions

February 20, 2018

Lower back pain, chronic for 20yrs to pain free in 3 Bowen sessions


I would highly recommend anyone who suffers with back pain or sciatica to give it a try. L      





The first time we met L had landed earlier that day off a flight, could hardly walk and had come along for a taster session of Bowen to see if she could find any relief from her agony. 


After 20 minutes L left in considerably less pain and able to stand upright.  Just a few Bowen moves had initiated enough relaxation in the muscles to allow this instant relief, and we booked her in for a full length session a week later.  She had been amazed to experience no pain all day following the taster, and was only having to take a couple of pain killers in the morning due to stiffness on waking.  


We were off to a good start as L had suffered from chronic lower back pain for over 20 years resulting from a slipped disc caused through high impact sports.  The pressure on the nerve, from the bulging disc, had then triggered sciatica around 10 years ago which had never completely healed, leaving her taking daily maximum dose pain killers, even during the night to enable sleep.


As a keen golfer she was anxious to find a way of reducing her pain as she was adamant she did not want to give up playing even though at this point she needed pain killers before and after each round.


In subsequent sessions I worked further to unlock and release the spinal muscles, the hamstrings and the areas of the sacro-iliac joint and pelvis, guided by the tension in the connective tissue and fascia. Returning for her second full session L reported she was pain free for 2 days after her last Bowen but then the pain returned only easing off a couple of days ago and she had resorted back to pain killers - in her words she felt she had been pummelled by a masseur!  Although this might seem like a set back, and obviously was not pleasant to go through, this can happen as the body shows resistance to change a pattern it has been used to for a long time, in this case 10-20 years.  The fact this had eased by the time I saw L again showed that her body was beginning to respond to the change in her fascia tissue.


After 2 sessions L reported that she was sleeping through the night, was without pain killers completely, could play golf all day without issues and that she was amazed and really happy with her progress in such a relatively short time compared to how long she had been suffering.  By session 3 L reported the occasional twinge which was manageable without pain killers, so we worked at aligning the body to release any compensation or tension.


I’ve suggested regular maintenance sessions of Bowen will allow L to continue to play golf and live the active life she enjoys.  This will help to keep her muscles in good shape, preventing risk of injury and spasms.  L is continuing with Pilates, an excellent exercise to strengthen the core muscles supporting her back.  Also L should return at the first sign of any discomfort or new injury.


As Bowen is a holistic therapy moves are made to balance the whole body not just the area of specific concern.  Through palpation of the soft tissue, as practitioners, we can feel where there is tightness, drag, compression or guarding of muscles and fascia.  By stimulating the central nervous system Bowen can encourage the body to let go of these tensions thus allowing the body to release with the consequent reduction in pain.


No matter how long your back pain may have existed give Bowen a chance to see if it can help you reduce or relieve your pain. 


This was L’s feedback in her own words:


After suffering with lower back pain and sciatica for many years I had an MRI scan which showed my L4 disc was almost non existent and my L5 disc was bulging, causing pressure on my sciatic nerve giving me pain down my left leg and into my foot. 


The consultant recommended epidural steroid and sacroiliac joint injections. I have been having 2 of these a year for the past 8 years. After the injection I am usually pain free for between 1 and 4 months depending upon how well they work. In between waiting for my next injection I am on 8 painkillers every day with the pain waking me up every night. 


Bowen treatment was being offered as a free taster session at my Pilates venue so I decided to try it. The first session I had lasted half an hour and I was very sceptical as I didn’t think such a light non invasive movement could treat the condition I had been suffering from for many years. Denise had told me that it could take up to 3 treatments before I felt any better! But that evening I was pain free and had a full nights sleep without any pain killers. After about 48 hours the pain did come back but I booked another appointment for the following week. This time I had an hours session. The treatment is very relaxing, no intensive massage, it just feels like a very light movement on the skin. 


The evening of my second session I felt like I had been pummelled by a masseur. I couldn’t believe such a delicate touch could make my muscles ache so much. I thought it must be doing something so continued to my 3rd treatment, that was in December 17. It is now Feb 18 and I have been pain free since December and am taking no pain killers. 


Very hard to believe I know, but it has worked for me. And I would highly recommend anyone who suffers with back pain or sciatica to give it a try.       L


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