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February 20, 2018

January 8, 2018

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New Therapy To Release Scar Tissue

April 16, 2018

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New Therapy To Release Scar Tissue

April 16, 2018


Did you know that scar tissue may be a limiting factor to restoring your health?


For example abdominal surgery such as C-section or appendectomy may impact on your digestion, menstruation, cause back pain or limit movement and flexibility.


Have you got a scar from surgery or trauma?

Do you experience :


  • pain, burning, tingling or numbness on or around scar area

  • itching or unpleasant sensations, particularly to touch

  • hyper or hypo sensitivity

  • postural distortion & muscle tension 

  • limited movement or flexion

  • any new pain or symptoms

  • worsening of previous ones


Then consider Scar Tissue Release therapy 

as part of improving your overall health & wellbeing



While scar tissue naturally forms as a result of trauma, whether surgical or accidental, it may cause detrimental effects to structure and function within the body.  This could be from pulling or dragging on the connective tissue & fascia which in turn creates contraction & tension to muscles, tendons, joints and even organs.


Scars, unless superficial, go deeper than we can see on the surface of the skin, often cutting through layers of tissue and muscles.  Rather than the linear matrix formed by normal connective tissue, healing of a wound tends to occur in a more random fashion as the body aims to close the hole or site of trauma as rapidly as possible, which is exactly what we need at that time. 


Scars often appear either very pale or red and angry looking, with tightness and tender or lumpy spots.

It may feel unpleasant to touch and unsightly to see which can lead to negative emotional associations with the actual scar area. Even more so if the incident leading to the scar was very traumatic or an emergency procedure.


Common interventions that may leave scars which potentially can exacerbate existing conditions or create restrictions / discomfort include:


  • C sections / hysterectomy

  • keyhole surgery / abdominal surgery inc appendix

  • joint replacements / breaks  

  • heart or spinal surgery

  • mastectomy or breast reductions 

  • any wound anywhere on the body  eg knee, head, hands

This treatment works perfectly combined with Bowen Therapy but can stand alone too, and it is effective no matter how old the scar is - even from decades ago.



To find out more and for a FREE 10 minute consultation

to see if this treatment may benefit your health contact Denise:  


T:     07927 868363






NB    This treatment is only suitable once the wound has completely healed so at lest 6-8 weeks post surgery/incident.  Giving the scar plenty of time to heal will not reduce the effect of treatment when the time is right to work with it.










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